Collective Solr

Collective Solr Control Panel

Basic Configuration:

  • Active
  • Host
  • Port
  • Base
  • ...

Query Configuration:

+(Title:{value}^5 OR
  Description:{value}^2 OR
  SearchableText:{value} OR
OR searchwords:({base_value})^1000) +showinsearch:True

Base Functionality

  • Patches the ZCatalog
  • Some queries are faster in Solr some are not
  • Indexes and Metadata duplicated
  • Full text search with SearchableText


Solr is not transactional aware or supports any kind of rollback or undo. We therefor only sent data to Solr at the end of any successful request. This is done via collective.indexing, a transaction manager and an end request transaction hook. This means you won’t see any changes done to content inside a request when doing Solr searches later on in the same request.

Querying Solr with collective.solr

ZCatalog Query:

catalog(SearchableText='Foo', portal_type='Document')

Result is a Solr Object.

Direct Solr Queries:

solr_search = solrSearchResults(

You can pass Solr query params directly to Solr and force a Solr response with “use_solr=’true’”.

Though, you have to make sure the response also contains


collective.solr has a mangleQuery function that translates / mangles ZCatalog query parameters to replace zope specifics with equivalent constructs for Solr.