Solr GUI and Query

Access Solr Gui

  • Go to: http://localhost:8983/solr/#/
  • Select Core “collection1”
  • Go to: “Schema Browser”
  • Select “Title”
  • Click: “Load Term Info”
  • Click on term “nachrichten”

Solr Query

Solr Query Parameters:

Query “q”:


Filter Query “fq”:


Sorting “sort”:

"Date asc"
"Date desc"

Filter List “fl”:


This parameter can be used to specify a set of fields to return, limiting the amount of information in the response.

Response Writer “wt”:


A Response Writer generates the formatted response of a search.

Solr Query via URL

Copy query from Solr GUI, e.g.:


Advanced Solr Query Syntax

Simple Query:



"Title:Foo AND Description:Bar"

“AND”, “OR”, “+”, “-“

Range Queries:

"[* TO NOW]"

Boost Terms:


Fuzzy Search:


Proximity Search:

"'apache solr'2"


  • What do we get by using Solr instead of the Plone search?
  • Why don’t we query Solr directly in Plone?
  • What does collective.solr do?